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Individual Pricing

(Combined Packages and Treatments can always be created to meet your needs)

Accessory Therapies

About an Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncturists provide one-on-one consultations with their patients, using their skills and knowledge to treat a wide range of health problems. The first consultation may last up to an hour or more which allows the acupuncturist to take a detailed case history before making a Chinese medical diagnosis and beginning treatment. Subsequent sessions usually take about 30-45 minutes.  A treatment plan varies depending on the severity of the problem, some patients require only a few sessions, others require a longer term course of treatments.


Example 5 -Treatment Protocol

Includes: Acupuncture, Exercise, Massage Therapy, and Diet Planning

"Let us help you to be healthy for life"

A standard treatment plan for acupuncture is weekly visits for 5 weeks.  The effects from each Acupuncture treatments accumulate from week to week.  Every treatment attempts to bring the body closer to a state of equilibrium which is free from disease but bringing the body into a healthy state cannot often be done with a single treatment. Therefore we structure our treatment plans around 5 treatment protocols so the treatments can have a lasting effect to the body. Doing this creates consistent pro-activity and attention to be placed on every individual who comes for treatment. 

Example Plan

Treatment #1 (60 Min)

•Find and locate disharmonies within the body

•Take vitals and determine state of health

•Acupuncture treatment

•Regulate Nervous System

•Manual Bodywork (Craniosacral Therapy, Myofacia


Treatment #2  (60 Min)

•Acupuncture or Applied Kinesiology Treatment

•42 manual muscle testing and correction

•Organ Balance

•Auricular Stress Relief Treatment

•Nutrition consultation preview for following treatment.

Treatment #3 (60 Min)

•Posture and alignment assessment

•Gait Testing and correction

•Acupuncture treatment

•Food and Allergy testing

•Meal and diet planning

•Supplement recommendations

Treatment #4 (60 Min)

•Acupuncture treatment

•Exercise Protocol Introduction

•Core and hip stabilization exercises

•Design specific workout plan

Treatment #5 (60 Min)

•Acupuncture or Applied Kinesiology treatment

•Auricular Stress treatment

•Organ Balance

•Craniosacral treatment

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