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Natural Medicine

Chinese Medicine and Health Preservation

The practice of improving and maximizing the potentials of the human body using Traditional Chinese Medicine has been derived for the practical experience of life since ancient times.  Early in the primitive societies, more than 5000

Quick Tips


1. Eat something every 3-4 hours. (Nuts, fruit,..)

2. Make sure you eat breakfast. Between 7-9am is best.

3. Have a plan for what you're going to eat today.

4. Eat 100g of protein per day.

5. Protein shake 20 minutes after workout; a meal within 90 minutes.

6. Avoid wheat, white flour, and processed foods.


There are a few ideas that I consider when giving nutrition advice.  There are so many concepts about how to eat and what is best; these are a few that I consider to be the most reliable.


I. Increase protein intake

As you begin to train harder and put more demanding stress on the body, you must have the nutrients necessary to re-build and recover your body.   This is the protein aspect of your diet. Throughout your day, consistently eat foods that are nutrient dense so at the end of the day the amount has accumulated the desired intake.  Know that your body can only digest about 30-40g a protein in any given meal, so it is not practical to try to have 2 huge meals that are packed with protein.  This type of binge eating stresses your digestion and your body and is not an efficient way to eat.  So it is better to have frequent small meals throughout the day instead of a few large meals.  So as i say above; eat something every 3-4 hours.  This ensures that your metabolism is always on cookin!


Good sources of protein: Chicken, lamb, steak, broccoli, fish, sushi ect.


II. Avoid wheat and white flour


There are new studies that have come out about the effect of wheat on the body.  Number one is that it spikes your insulin.  When you eat a meal, your body releases insulin to reduce the amount of sugar in your blood.  When we continuously eat meal that spike our blood sugar, your body is stressed to deal with the unwanted levels of sugar. This often leads to that groggy heavy and tired feeling after a large meal as your body brings down your sugar levels.  So the average diet is big spike in the morning, big spike in the afternoon, and a big spike at dinner, this wave like pattern of insulin spikes is actually what leads to diabetes.  So the goal with your meals is to keep your blood sugar levels consistent with a minimum spike.  This is done by eating meals with higher protein, and less carbs. This keeps your blood sugar levels consistent.   So understand that the main food in our typical diet that causes this to our body are foods with wheat and white flour.  By replacing these foods with a natural carbohydrate like rice or a sweet potato people will quickly see an increase in energy, decreased inflammation,  and even clearer thought due to the body no longer having to compensate for the unwanted sugar.  My reference for this is from a doctor in Milwaukee, Dr.Bill Davis who wrote the book Wheat Belly.  Here is a lecture and website that you can take a look at.



III.  Attempt to keep your blood from becoming acidic.


 pH Scale 

Understand that your body and blood has a specific pH level at any given time.  From the foods we eat determines whether your body is basic (alkaline)  or acidic.  When acidic and hot foods are consistently taken eaten, the interior of the body becomes this way as well.  When the blood is hot, toxic, and acidic, the blood cells actually begin to clump together and creates a very thick blood content in your body.  When we begin to add foods that are neutralizing and alkaline, the blood begins to thin itself out.  The blood cells begin to separate, and the circulation of blood, fluids, and nutrients circulate within the body more efficiently.  So with this, consider to strive for more balanced meals.  


Acid Vs Alkaline:

List of foods based on pH:


Acidic Blood vs Alkaline Blood:



Things to consider for balanced meals

1. Fruits in the morning for neutralizing. (Grapefruit, lemon, watermelon, apples, pears)

2. Side salad for neutralizing other meals (Spinach, lettuce, kale)

3.  A warm glass of lemon water upon rising in the morning has a powerful neutralizing effect.

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