Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (2019)

Guangzhou University Hospital; Guangzhou, China - Advanced Training Certificate (2016)

Master of Science - Oriental Medicine - Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (2013-2106)

Bachelor's of Science - Nutrition - Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (2013-2016)

Bachelor’s of Arts - Political Science - University of Wisconsin-Madison (2007-2011)


Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

NCCAOM Wisconsin Board Certified Acupuncturist

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

TFH (I-V) Applied Kinesiology; Zurich, Switzerland

TFH (I-V) Applied Kinesiology

Reiki Level I

Athletic Experience 

Division I Athlete - Wisconsin Badger Linebacker

Former Wisconsin Badger Strength and Conditioning Coach

10+ years Sports Performance Coaching

Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Sprint Coach

Systema Martial Arts Instructor

Qi Gong/Tai Chi/Kung Fu


Brazilian JiuJitsu

Oak Creek Knights Football


A Welcome Letter From Dr. Megna

Welcome to my clinic:


There’s no time to waste, we must get started right away! Let me teach you how to be healthy for life. Let’s work together for 90 days with the intense focus of getting you back healthy, strong, and pain free. I have studied around the world gathering and learning the best techniques from master practitioners who have taught me their various arts; and now its my turn to teach and pass on the knowledge. To all who heed the call towards healthier living, let’s get started. My complete 90 day program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of diet, exercise, and meditation all in the background of receiving advanced therapeutic and restorative bodywork therapies like acupuncture which optimize your nervous system. How healthy do you want to be? How involved do you want to get with your health? Realize that there are many starting points. The first step is always to take inventory! How’s your heart tickin’? Do you have any pain? What sort of traumas or accidents have you been in? What did you eat yesterday? Do you get headaches? Describe your sleep patterns? These are all questions that can help determine the state of one’s health. We must understand that there is no single method that can fix everything, so we must apply and use everything we know and combine techniques so we can address your health from all angles! Let me help you come up with a health game plan. I believe that setting goals give you direction and consistency is key. Small changes over time help build a foundation. We will combine the most relevant therapies and design an individualized plan which is optimal for you to make a rapid shift towards health and wellness. All roads lead to where we’re going; to the top. Starting a wellness program with me means that you must be ready to work on yourself too. To take honest inventory of your life. I’m here to work with you as your doctor and coach but its ultimately you who will have to take the reigns of your own life. It takes effort to be healthy. Sometimes it is a grueling task and we may need to tap our own inner belly fire to overcome these often essential growing pains. If you want to accomplish you highest goals you must be very clear within yourself. Start here. Start teaching yourself about healthy living. State your goals outright. Realize there are no limits. Claw everlastingly towards your best self and never ever give up. If you are ready to start taking control of your health allow me to help guide you on your wellness journey.

Don’t wait til’ you’re sick

to try and start getting healthy,

get healthy now!

With sincerity,

Dr. Tony Megna 

Integrated Heights Acupuncture LLC

Est 2017


4900 Spring Street, Suite 101

Mt Pleasant, WI 53406


Clinic Hours:

Mon - Wed 7am-3pm 

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