Standard Health Protocol

Acupuncture Treatments

(5 or 10 Treatment Packages Available)

Use this ancient technique to promote optimal body functions, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and activate or calm the nervous system. For thousands of years, acupuncture has a been a staple in Chinese Medicine and continues to have a profound effect on the human body. 


Complete Supplement Protocol

(30/60/90 day Plans Available)

Blend to ensure tissues are first nourished and supplied enough oxygen. This ensures your cells to have everything they need to operate to be readily available. Binder formulas act as a true chelator that focuses on binding and removing radiation, viruses, retroviruses,  bacteria, fungi, and more


Essential Vitamins and Minerals

(30/60/90 Day Plans Available)

Standard Protocol to fill in gaps where the body commonly becomes deficient. Plant derived minerals and vitamins all aimed to renourish the body and promote healthly function. 


Immune Boosting Recommendations




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