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What is a Virus?

Its a proteins that's learned how to replicate itself.

Is it deadly?

It can be if you have a weakened or compromised immune system. ex; old age. But for the most part it is a mild disease.

What makes Corona Virus Different?

96% genome match to SARS Virus. It's only a little bit different. 

Is it alive or dead?

We don't really know.

Should we be concerned?

Yes, if you have pre-existing conditions? It can eventually progress to pneumonia.

What can we do to get healthy?

Try to get healthy and boost your immune system. Start exercising. There is a long list of things you can do to shift your health towards optimization. 


What else can we do?

Wait it out and get healthy!



35 million people get the flu every flu season

60k-80k people die every year globally in the 21st century; we just never took note of it till now.

Flu proteins and viruses always change. Flu proteins can mutate due to enviornmetnal changes, polution, electro-magnetism, radiation, etc. 

The flu vaccine changes annually becuase of this.

There have been 320 large scale epidemics in past 2000 years. 

Have had treatment strategies on this topic since 1300 a.d.

To level the curve we must use immune boosting formulas to help manage symptoms and help those who get sick a fighting chance.

Chinese formulas to help assist those who contract the disease. Many plants and roots have anti-viral, anti-oxidant, and re-mineralization properties.


Dr. Tony


COVID 19 Recommendations:

1. Basic and Efficient Sanitation

2. Scarf or Mask Up if you go outside

3. Adhere to CDC Recommendations

4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

5. Start a Supplement Protocol

6. Stay Active

7. Start deep breathing exercises to enhance lung capacity. 

8. Cold showers can be used to boost immune system. 

9. Start an exercise program 

10. Cardio

4 Stages of Corona Virus Disease

COVID 19 is a respiratory infectious disease and inflammatory condition. It can progress to pneumonia with a mortality rate 2-5% for those over 65 years of age.


Your symptoms will change the deeper the virus enters your body:


The Chinese Describe it like this

Wei Level (Initial Defense)

dry cough, sweating, body aches 

Qi Level (Energy Systems) 

fever, fatigue, nasal congestion, maybe headache

"Nobody dies at the qi level" -Chinese Doctor; Wen Bing - 4 Levels - (17th century)

If you have enough vitality to hold strong at this stage, you will survive. If not, it will progress and your symptoms will get worse.

Ying - (Nutritive Level) (Cellular Level)

severe inflammation, strong pulse, heat accumulation, shortness of breath

Xue - (Blood Level) (Organ and CNS Level)

lung obstructions, edema, difficulty breathing, requires respirator, tissues lose oxygen supply, motatliy rate here is 1-3%

Don't wait to get sick to try and get healthy!

Give yourself a fighter's chance to beat the virus if you get it!


1. Basic Sanitation

2. Full Spectrum Supplement Protocol

3. Charge yourself up with diet and exercise



Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

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Bachelor of Science - Nutrition - Midwest College of Oriental Medicine

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NCCAOM Wisconsin Board Certified Acupuncturist 

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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